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Can you name the Ratchet & Clank Skill Points?

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PlanetSkill PointObjective
NovalisShoot down one fighter jet or bomber.
AridiaGet past the last swingshot section without touching the floor.
AridiaDestroy three transports.
KerwanGet in between the legs of the robot statue.
KerwanDestroy a blimp.
KerwanDestroy the Qwarkbot.
EudoraDestroy ten logging vehicles.
Nebula G34Use only your wrench in the alien queen battle.
RilgarPerform a Twisty McMarx.
RilgarTurn a tank into a chicken.
RilgarComplete the race in 1:35 or less.
BataliaTravel along the grindrail without taking any damage.
BataliaDestroy a Blarg ship with the turret.
BataliaDestroy all four tanks with the Sand Mice.
GasparDestroy all Blarg bombers.
PlanetSkill PointObjective
GasparUse any turrets to destroy five ships.
OrxonShoot a screamer through the sniping hole.
OrxonUse the Taunter to lure a toxic crab into a force field.
PokitaruDestroy three flying saucers with the Visibomb gun.
PokitaruDestroy all crates underwater.
HovenKill all Anklebiters in a certain section.
HovenDestroy five Blarg helicopters.
Gemlik MoonbaseDestroy all eight cargo ships.
OltanisDestroy all lamp posts in the city.
OltanisBlow up three Blarg ships.
Kalebo IIITravel along the grindrail without taking any damage.
Kalebo IIIGet a score of at least 4,500 in the race.
Drek's FleetKill all the guard bots in the secured area.
Drek's FleetGet through the water tank without taking any damage.
VeldinDefeat ten commando guards with only your wrench.

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