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Can you name the Ratchet & Clank 3 Skill Points?

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Planet / LocationSkill PointObjective
FloranaComplete the Path of Death without being hit.
Starship PhoenixGet 100% on all Qwark Vid-Comics.
Starship PhoenixComplete the VR Hypershot training in under 0:50.
Starship PhoenixPurchase the Inferno Armor.
Starship PhoenixHit Skrunch with the wrench.
Starship PhoenixComplete 'Booty is in the Eye of the Beholder' in 2:40.
Starship PhoenixComplete 'Arriba Amoeba!' in 2:10.
Starship PhoenixComplete 'Shadow of the Robot' in 1:50.
Starship PhoenixComplete 'Deja Q All Over Again' in 4:45.
Starship PhoenixComplete 'The Shaming of the Q' in 2:00.
MarcadiaKill 25 enemies with the Refractor.
Annihilation NationDefeat Scorpio with the wrench.
Annihilation NationBeat all the gauntlet challenges.
Annihilation NationComplete a gauntlet without taking a hit.
Annihilation NationDestroy five floating cameras in the gauntlet.
Planet / LocationSkill PointObjective
AquatosBlow up 40 underwater crates.
AquatosCollect all sewer crystals.
TyhrranosisSnipe ten Tyhrranoids using the Flux Rifle.
DaxxTurn 15 blood flies to ducks with the Quack-O-Ray.
Obani GeminiGet onto the floating asteroid ring.
Blackwater CityKill 20 enemies using only the wrench.
Holostar StudiosGet a jackpot in a slot machine.
MetropolisDestroy a blimp.
Crash SightKill 40 enemies with the Suck Cannon.
Crash SightKill ten Skreedducks.
AridiaKill ten enemies with the Refractor.
AridiaGet two seconds in the air with the Turboslider.
Qwark's HideoutDestroy the Snow Dan.
KorosBreak all breakables in the robot base.
Command CenterInfect 30 enemies with the Infector.

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