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Can you name the Ratchet & Clank 2 Skill Points?

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PlanetSkill PointObjective
OozlaKill four pterodactyls.
OozlaDestroy all breakables at the Megacorp store.
Maktar NebulaDefeat Chainblade using only your wrench.
Maktar NebulaDestroy all breakables in the level.
Maktar NebulaDefeat the B2 Brawler without being hit.
Maktar NebulaWin the jackpot from a slot machine.
EndakoBreak all the things that can be broken.
EndakoKill ten enemies with the crane.
BarlowFinish a hoverbike race in less than 2:10.
NotakDestroy the floating globe in the Promenade area.
SiberiusBreak the Snow Dan sculpture behind a garage.
TaboraFind all the desert crystals in the dunes.
DobboDefeat all the enemies with weapons from the original Ratchet & Clank.
DobboDefeat the boss using only melee attacks.
DobboDestroy all the objects on Lunar City.
PlanetSkill PointObjective
JobaWin the impossible challenge in the arena.
JobaWin a hoverbike race in less than 2:27.
JobaDefeat every enemy with only the wrench.
JobaKill 12 birds.
TodanoDestroy all four rockets on the Megacorp tour.
TodanoProtect all the tourists from the Mutant Test-Squirrels.
TodanoTurn 16 Mutant Test-Squirrels into sheep.
BoldanRide the grindrail without taking any damage.
SnivelakDestroy 14 ships.
DamoselRide the grindrail without taking any damage.
DamoselSave all the tourist bots in the bank.
GrelbinCollect all the moonstones.
N/AMax out Ratchet's nanotech.
N/ACollect and upgrade all the weapons.
N/AUpgrade all parts of Ratchet's ship.

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