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What Instrument is played by making a 'Buzzing' sound, Violin, Trumpet, or Clarinet?
What instrument is played with a Bow, Violin, Flute, or Trumpet?
What Instrument is larger than a Baritone, Trumpet, Flute or Cello?
What Instrument is used by covering up the holes, Trumpet, Recorder, or Trombone?
What instrument is played sideways? Clarinet, Flute or Recorder?
What Instrument is used by setting the mouth piece on your lip, and then setting your teeth upon it, Clarinet, Flute,or French Horn?
What Instrument is 'Strummed', Cello, Bass, or Guitar?
What word in music means Really Low, Piano, Fermata, or Bass?
What Instrument is blowed into softly, Flute, Clarinet, or Saxophone?
Which of these is a Jazz Instrument, Violin, Triangle, Saxophone?

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