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Can you name the Harry Potter characters by what they say?

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Forced Order
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What they saidCharacterWhat Book or Movie
Harry Potter... The Boy who lived... Come to die...Deathly Hallows
Curiosity is no sin HarryGoblet of Fire
HAGGER!Order of the Phoenix
Fair Warning, It taste like goblin pissDeathly Hallows
Good Luck!Sorcerer's Stone
______ has never been asked to sit down, by a wizard!Chamber of Secrets
Oculus Reparo!Sorcerer's Stone + Chamber of Secrets
Neville Longbottom is it? How's Mom and Dad?Order of the Phoenix
What they saidCharacterWhat Book or Movie
Who are you?? What do you want?!Goblet of Fire
I can't only a parent or guardian can sign itPrisoner of Azkaban
You didn't have to poke it that hard!Half-Blood Prince
Serpensortia!Chamber of Secrets
Wands only choose witches and you are not a witch!Deathly Hallows
You're bleeding Harry. That's a curious thing to keep in your sock!Deathly Hallows
Please not Harry, please not Harry!????????
NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU B****Deathly Hallows

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