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What Spell Stuns People? Expelliarmus, Stupefy, Reducto, Lumos
What Spell Hangs People by there Ankle? Legilimens, Liberacorpus, Wingardium Leviosa, Levicorpus
What Spell Banishes a Boggart? Riddikulus, Expecto Patronum, Flipendo, Salvio Hexia
What Spell makes Teeth Grow? Diffindo, Dissendium, Densaugeo, Descendo
What Spell Creates Small Explosions? Reducto, Aparecium, Bombarda, Incendio
What Spell turns things into Stone? Glisseo, Duro, Erecto, Tergeo
What Spell locks People's legs together? Locomotor Mortis, Expelliarmus, Langlock, Erecto
What is the Body-Binding Spell? Duro, Immobulus, Impedimenta, Petrificus Totalus
What Spell Locks Doors? Alohomora, Colloportus, Protego, Langlock
What Spell Counters Lumos? Lumos, Impedimenta, Nox, Homorphus
What Spell is a Werewolf Cure? Homorphus, Silencio, Flipendo, Arania Exumai
What Spell fills People's ears with Buzzing? Silencio, Langlock, Repello Muggletum, Muffliato
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What Spell Kills Spiders? Muffliato, Stupefy, Arania Exumai, Avada Kadavra
What Spell Controls People? Crucio, Imperio, Avada Kadavra, Engorgio
What Spell makes voice louder? Sonorus, Quietus, Engorgio, Reducio
What Spell creates Bandages? Scruge, Ferula, Mobilicorpus, Mobiliarbus
What Spell Stops any current Spell? Immobulus, Avis, Finite Incantatum, Priori Incantatum
What Spell turns things into Birds? Avis, Serpensortia, Morsmordre, Avifors
What Spell creates Water? Incendio, Aguamenti, Ferula, Serpensortia
What Spell Unsticks things? Waddiwasi, Ennervate, Orchideous, Wingardium Leviosa
What Spell Summons things? Accio, Aparecium, Nox, Obliviate
What Spell Erases Memory? Orchideous, Oculus, Obliviate, Reparo
What Spell Releases Chains? Salvio Hexia, Aguamenti, Incantatum, Relashio
What Spell kills People? Crucio, Avada Kadavra, Arania Exumai, Imperio

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