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Can you name the Can you name the Harry Potter spells?

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What it doesSpell
Disarms Somebody
Stuns People
Body-Binding Curse
Knocks Something Backward
Makes Teeth Grow
Tortures Opponent
Controls Opponent
Kills Opponent
Reveals Invisable Ink
Makes Birds fly out the tip of your Wand
Counters Lumos
Moves Objects
Releases Chains
What it doesSpell
Locks Legs Together
Creates Small Explosions
Turns Somebody into Stone
Hangs people by the Ankle
Counters the spell above
Makes a Surface Slippery
Shoots out Water from tip of Wand
Tickles Opponent
Cuts someone with Invisable Sword
Repells Muggles from seeing you
Patronus Charm
Unsticks Things

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