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The most viscous magma has a high ______ content
Magma that has a silica content of or less than 50% is known as...
...Between 50% and 70%?
Magma with a silica content of 70% or more is...
The gaseous components of magma are called...
These lava flows resemble rope or braids, and are generally smooth in texture.
Don't step on cooled bits of this lava flow, because it's got sharp, jagged protrusions!
The most common gas in magma is...
Small cones on the side of a volcano are called what?
If said cones only emit smoke or gases, they are called...
Volcanoes that have a domed structure and generally erupt silently are called...
These volcanoes are built up from ejected cinders, and are generally short-lived (as far as volcanoes go).
The most dangerous type of volcano, which can erupt either silently or violently is...
Most of these dangerous volcanoes are located around a region known as...
These deadly pyroclastic flows are made up of hot gases, glowing-hot rocks, and large rock fragments. They can travel up to 125mph (200kph).
When a pyroclastic flow becomes saturated with water and turns into a devastating mudflow, it is termed a...
The most famous instance of the destruction and loss of life that can be caused by a pyroclastic flow is the eruption of Mount...
This volcano's eruption caused lost of destruction, but not many fatalities. It is located in the United States.
The word 'volcano' comes from 'Vulcanus', who was the Roman god of...
Yellowstone National Park is actually located in the caldera of a dormant...

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