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Can you name the things to fill in on a Space Pirate Application Form?

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Forced Order
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QuestionAnswerExtra Info (Help me, I'm hopeless!)
How do we protect Mother Brain?What is Mother Brain contained in?
The sworn enemy of the Space Pirates!If you don't get this, you should feel bad.
Phazon is...If you can't get it, then... What color is it?
What do we do with Phazon?Consider the previous answer.
Where should missiles and weapon powerups be hidden?This one should be easy.
What should not be kept as pets?It's the name of the game.
All jumps should be under ______ feet.It's between one and ten.
Who is the Space Pirate leader?It's not really a mother. Also, see first question.
Who is the second-in-command?The Hunter's arch-enemy.
That guy that shoots spikes out of his stomach?That looks painful!
What do Space Pirates like the most?They seem to put a lot of these in their ships, and they're usually Morph-Ball-sized.
If Mother Brain dies...It's the dumbest idea ever (but don't tell Mother Brain we said that!)

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