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QUIZ: Can you name the Characters from the Boktai series?

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Solar Boy
Dark Boy
King of the Vampires
Earthly Maiden
Queen of Immortals
Fiery Golem
Life Freezing Ice Wolf
Banshee the Deathbringer
Guardian of Azure Sky Tower
Greatest Vampire Hunter
Lunar Child
Sunflower Girl
Mischevious Cat
Last of the Four Sun Warriors
Shy girl who owns the cat
Shy girl's dad
Old man who runs the clock tower
Big man who is gentle and hates fighting
Old man with a bowler hat
Afro Master who owns the item shop
Shadow Immortal
Sky-ruling Immortal
Earth-ruling Immortal
Sea-ruling Immortal
Ancestor Piece that is feared by humans and Immortals alike
Future Boy
Puppet Master
Wings of Death
Machine King
Beast of Destruction
Dark Loan Shark
Solar Bank Attendant

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