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Can you name the famous vampires?

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Bram Stoker's famous vampire; Also main boss in the Castlevania series
'Vampyre' from old 'penny dreadfuls'
He really needs more sleep, cause he's got some DARK SHADOWS under his eyes
Sheridan's lesbian vampire; She can only rearrange the letters in her name
One, two, three, four, five! Five vampires so far, HA HA HA!
Bald german vampire, but he doesn't need hair to be awesome
In Castlevania, son of the main boss; In Hellsing, the main character
Vampire character from the Darkstalkers series
Another 'vampire' from the Darkstalkers series; he's the boss of the third game
A 'friend' of Buffy Summers, he also used to be her enemy
Another friend of Buffy's, he got his own spin-off show
Polidori's vampire; supposedly started the vampire novel phenomenon
Adam's first wife who was kicked out of the garden; she went on to become the mother of all demons, supposedly
Marvel's half-vampire who hunts vampires
Anne Rice's famous vampire(s)
He works at a circus of freaks and has a very deadly pet spider
Another half-vampire who assists the previous vampire at the circus
She's a pretty cool vampire, she hunts werewolves and isn't afraid of anything
Today, vegetables... tomorrow, THE WORLD!
Mascot of a delicious and spooky part of this balanced breakfast
She's not really mean, she's just 1,000 years old and lost track of her moral code.
The 'quack'-iest vampire in this quiz, it'd be pretty 'fowl' if you didn't guess this one.

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