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What will Meatloaf do for love?
And what won't he do?
What is Cheryl Cole fighting for?
And what doesn't she need to in order to do this?
Who are you going to call?
What is the cream of the fight?
What don't Green Day want to be?
Toto's weather forecast, precipitation in:
Can you read her poker face?
How many law enforcement officers did Bob Marley shoot?
Just what do girls want to do?
What geometric shape is life, according to Elton?
What is Bob Geldof's least favourite day of the week?
According to Mrs. Russell Brand, what did 'she' taste of?
What is she buying (from the Led-Zep catalogue)?
What do Pink Floyd think is unnecessary for children?
Which way do the Backstreet Boys want it?
What is asleep in the (mighty) jungle?
Who did Ke$ha feel like this morning?
How many bitch-related problems does Mr. Z have?

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