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QuoteMissing wordWho said it?
Oh my twitch witchy girl, I think you are so nice, I give you bowls of porridge and I give you bowls of ___ _____Charlie Jones (Yes, Coraline said it too, but he said it first)
Hush, and shush! For the ______ might be listening!The Ghost Children
Do ________, CarolineMr. Bobinsky (Not to be mistaken with Other Bobinsky, who said Coraline, not Caroline)
Oh, I definitely heard someone, ___-____-____-____.Coraline
I'm not the _____ ________, I'm me.The Cat
Count all the doors and windows, and write that down. List anything that's ____, just LET ME WORK.Charlie Jones
Will you stop _________ me if I do this for you?Mel Jones
I've heard of _____ _______ before, but it doesn't make sense. I mean, it's just an ordinary branch.Wybie
Making up a song about Coraline. She's a peach, she's a doll, she's a ___ __ ____...The Other Father
In each of three wonders I've made just for you, a _____ ___ is lost in plain sight.The Other Mother/ Beldam
Couldn't bear to part with them, so we had them _______.April

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