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Forced Order
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Charge forward!
I'll show them, I'll show them all!
The spirits be restless
By the power of Ragnaros, I have the power!
Ready to ride!
I let the dogs out
Shields up!
Trogg is no stupid
Join or die!
The scourge will consume you!
For Gnomeregan!
That belongs in a museum!
Death does not scare me!
This is our town, scrub
Ready for action!
Armor, made to fit!
The light protects me
I am power incarnate!
I feel icky
Put this apple in your head
One shot, one kill
Do you like to play with fire!?
Ready, sir
None shall pass!
By fire be purged!
Stop disturbing me!
Give me a quest
From the void I call
Squire, attend me!
I can taste the mana!
Summoning Portal open
Special delivery!
Usurpers, Gnomeregan is mine!
Who dares summon me?
For the Majordomo!
I hear your heart beating
For a little guy, I pack a big punch!
Winds, obey my command!
Ready to fling!
It's time for a little blood
You require my assistance?
I see you...
You shall not pass
What's sappening?
Sometimes I forget things
Put your faith in the light!
My shield, for Argus!
For the War Chief!
Eh, get behind me
I hope you like my invention
Shields up, red alert
Get down!
You gotta be kiddin' me!
I'm flying!
Do you need a blessing?
I can wait and fish all day
Did someone say bomb?
Bring out your dead

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