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Can you name the wrestlers who have won the most major championships in the WWE?

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Total championshipsWrestlerChampionships won
3111 World/5 IC/1 U.S./14 Tag
2316 World/0 IC/ 5 U.S./2 Tag
224 World/9 IC/2 U.S./7 Tag
2114 World/5 IC/0 U.S./5 Tag
171 World/8 IC/2 U.S./6 Tag
1713 World/1 IC/1 U.S./2 Tag
165 World/2 IC/5 U.S./4 Tag
162 World/2 IC/0 U.S./12 Tag
158 World/2 IC/0 U.S./5 Tag
152 World/4 IC/0 U.S./9 Tag
152 World/1 IC/6 U.S./6 Tag
141 World/4 IC/5 U.S./4 Tag
146 World/2 IC/2 U.S./1 Tag
144 World/1 IC/1 U.S./6 Tag
143 World/4 IC/0 U.S./7 Tag
140 World/4 IC/3 U.S./7 Tag
137 World/0 IC/0 U.S./6 Tag
135 World/3 IC/0 U.S./6 Tag
120 World/1 IC/0 U.S./11 Tag
113 World/0 IC/0 U.S./8 Tag
106 World/0 IC/0 U.S./4 Tag
101 World/6 IC/0 U.S./6 Tag
100 World/6 IC/3 U.S./1 Tag
102 World/5 IC/2 U.S./1 Tag
Total championshipsWrestlerChampionships won
104 World/0 IC/2 U.S./4 Tag
91 World/1 IC/4 U.S./3 Tag
90 World/0 IC/0 U.S./9 Tag
90 World/0 IC/0 U.S./9 Tag
93 World/2 IC/0 U.S./4 Tag
91 World/2 IC/2 U.S./4 Tag
85 World/1 IC/1 U.S./1 Tag
80 World/3 IC/2 U.S./3 Tag
80 World/3 IC/0 U.S./5 Tag
80 World/2 IC/0 U.S./6 Tag
80 World/0 IC/1 U.S./7 Tag
75 World/1 IC/0 U.S./1 Tag
76 World/0 IC/0 U.S./1 Tag
74 World/1 IC/1 U.S./1 Tag
70 World/1 IC/0 U.S./6 Tag
60 World/2 IC/0 U.S./4 Tag
64 World/0 IC/2 U.S./0 Tag
60 World/3 IC/1 U.S./2 Tag
60 World/2 IC/0 U.S./4 Tag
63 World/1 IC/1 U.S./1 Tag
62 World/0 IC/1 U.S./3 Tag
61 World/2 IC/3 U.S./0 Tag
60 World/0 IC/1 U.S./5 Tag

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