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A large body of water somewhat smaller than an ocean
A very tall hill
An ocean's surface, compared to which land can be measured either above or below
Any of the FIVE largest bodies of water on Earth
Area of flat land along an ocean or sea
Bowl-shaped area of land surrounded by higher land
Fertile spot in a desert, with water and green vegetation
Giant sheet of ice that moves very slowly across land
Group or chain of islands
high, wide area of flat land, with steep sides
Hill of sand formed by wind
Land at a river's edge
Land at the edge of a large body of water such as an ocean
Land with water on all three sides
Large body of water with land all around part of it
Large body of water with land all or nearly all around it
Long rows of mountains
Low land between mountains or hills
Narrow channel of water joining two larger bodies of water
Narrow strip of land connecting two large land areas
Narrow waterway dug across land mainly for ship travel
Narrower part of an ocean or lake that cuts into land
Off-shore ridge, often of limestone, along a coastline, at/or near the surface of a sea/ocean
Place where a river begins
Place where a river empties into another body of water
Place, usually in a harbor, where ships safely load and unload goods and people
Steep falling of water from a higher to a lower place
Steep, large waterfalls
Stream or river than runs into a larger river
Triangle-shaped area of land at the mouth of a river
Very dry land
Very large area of flat land
Wide treeless plain
Land with water all around it
Pointed top of a mountain
Mountain with an opening at the top formed by violent bursts of steam and hot rock

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