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Where Boromir is killed by Lurtz
Dwarf's Tomb in the Mines of Moria.
Elf King living in Lothlórien
Home of the Necromancer in Mirkwood.
City in Rohan where King Théoden lives
Captain of Gondor
******* the grey
Small creatures with hairy feet
Group of wizards
The author!
Ghostly green monarch
Badass Elf wielding a bow and arrow
Hobbit member of the fellowship
Usually known as Sauron
Sought after by many
Good friend of Merry's
Parts were filmed here
Sam's girlfriend
Gollum's real name
Older than the mountains, doesn't appear in the films
False surname Frodo used in the Prancing Pony
Third king of Arnor
Where Frodo is stabbed by a black rider

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