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Can you name the characters from 'Strangers with Candy'?

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Forced Order
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DescriptionCharacter NameQuote
Popular female high school student who dies after taking a homemade drug called 'glint''I'm a bumblebee. I'm a bee, and I need to get back to the hive.'
High school jock who constantly butts heads with his older stepsister'Let's go watch some gay porn so we can get our hate back.'
Rock musician; has a career built on shocking behavior and vulgar lyrics; is 'chronic!''In the United Hates of A-scarica/They censor my words and it ain't fair-ica'
Flatpoint High principal; has a gambling problem and lives with his parents; a ladies' man'Educate yourself to THIS reality.'
Gym teacher; track team coach; preaches abstinence; works in a pizza parlor'Jerri...what does V-I-C-T-O-R-Y spell?'
Flamboyant male high school student; is beaten up by school jocks constantly'I am SUPER JAZZED!'
Music teacher; is constantly attracted to his female students; former heroin addict'Charlie Parker once said to me: '[Name], shut up and give me some heroin.''
Main character's father; always shown frozen in mid-motion; gets mauled to death by a pack of dogs'*silence*'
Female high school student; main character's best girl friend and occasional object of her lust; nickname: 'Coppertop'/'Redheaded Spitfire''You better 86 the 69 talk, Jer.'
Middle-aged woman who struggles with alcoholism and her unwanted stepdaughter'Oh Jerri, I didn't know you were coming home this early. We would've left sooner.'
Narcissistic art teacher; pacifist; carries on a secret love affair with a colleague'It may be an ugly world, but at least I have a beautiful face!'
DescriptionCharacter NameQuote
Middle-aged policeman who goes undercover at Flatpoint High as a student'Hey, you know where I'd be able to buy some big, fat doobies?'
Leader of a messianic cult; gets so fed up with the main character that he forces her to leave the group'I'm so impressed with your progress that I want you to start your own compound...on the other side of the world.'
Former grief counselor who now enacts crimes for television; comes to Flatpoint High to investigate racist graffiti'You're a racist.'
Forty-something ex-junkie/prostitute who goes back to high school'I got somethin' to saaaaaay!'
Male high school student; innocent and sweet to the main character, even though she's always mean to him; Filipino'There are some bad seeds in this school who are growing into weeds and infesting the healthy plants that are the good students.'
School secretary at Flatpoint High'Dreams are a great thing, but y'know something? They take a lot of energy.'
Bus driver who doesn't actually know how to drive'I remember the first day I ever sat behind that, uh, the roundy thing--the wheel, right, the wheel.'
White high school student who has alcoholic parents and performs the lead male role in 'A Raisin in the Sun''That's too bad, Jerri. I thought you had the courage to judge other people by their faults; I guess I was WRONG.'
Inept history teacher; secretly dreams of being a rock star; carries on a secret love affair with a colleague'Following his violent revolution, Gandhi was devoured by his followers.'
Meat man; has two children, Chuck and Patty; goes temporarily insane and coats a house with cheese'The dairy smell masks my scent. Makes it hard for 'em to find me.'

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