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Light ginger tom with pale yellow eyes
Silver and white she-cat with black ears and tail, blue eyes
Silver spotted tom with green eyes
Light gray tom with black stripes, yellow eyes
Dappled silver she-cat with pale blue-green eyes
Long furred silver tom with swirled white stripes, pale blue eyes
Dark gray she-cat with dark blue eyes
Tortoiseshell she-cat with yellow eyes
Thin black and brown tabby tom with a red striped tail, amber eyes
Silver and white she-cat with blue eyes
White she-cat with pale tortoiseshell splashes, pale green eyes
Pale silver and white tabby she-cat with pale green eyes
White she-cat with silver speckles, blue eyes
Yellow and gold tabby and white tom with yellow eyes
Slender white she-cat with black tail tip, ears, muzzle, and toes, ice blue eyes
Sandy gray-brown and white she-cat with yellow eyes
Silver, dark gray, black, and white splashed she-cat with blue eyes
Red and ginger she-cat with amber eyes
Red-brown she-cat with amber eyes
White tom with yellow patches and yellow eyes
White she-cat with dark gray and silver tabby points, blue eyes
Light brown and white she-cat with pale green-yellow eyes
Broad shouldered black tom with three white stripes on each of his sides. Wears a fox skull on his head
Black tom with amber eyes
Gray tom with darker legs and ears, amber eyes
Reddish tabby tom with a white streak down his back, green eyes
Sleek, thin white tom with a very pale silver underbelly, ice blue eyes
Silver tom with a darker tail, blue eyes
Light golden brown tabby she-cat with green eyes
Thick furred mottled white and silver tom with pale blue eyes
Gray tom with a black underbelly, yellow eyes
Mottled pale brown and white speckled tom with a white face and legs, blue eyes
Light reddish salmon swirled tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes
Silver and white tabby she-cat with pale green eyes
Dark brown tabby tom with sea green eyes
Silver she-cat with darker splashes, light blue eyes
Gray tom with silver paws, blue eyes
Small white tom with ice blue eyes
Brown tom with darker ears, tail tip, and paws, black muzzle, green eyes
Dark gray and black tabby tom with dark blue eyes
Sleek black tom with dark teal eyes
White tom with pale blue eyes
White tom with a silver striped tail, green eyes
Light golden brown she-cat with white speckles near her rear, yellow eyes
Gray and white tom with black spots, blue eyes
Light golden brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Dark gray she-cat with a striped tail and white muzzle, dark green eyes
White tom with small silver tabby patches, green eyes
Long furred dark gray and pale yellow she-cat with yellow eyes
Tortoiseshell and white she-cat with blue eyes. Wears a purple collar with a bell
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