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Can you name the actor or character by the description of their death given?

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Death DescriptionActor/CharacterMovie
Title character uses her telekinetic powers to flip the car carrying him and his girlfriend.
With the devil possessing him, he impales himself on a sword to stop the devil from creating a son before midnight on New Year's Eve, 1999
While skydiving, he discovers his friend accidentally gave him a bag of dildos instead of a parachute, thereby sealing his fate of falling to death.
While searching a house for information, he is forced into hiding in a closet when Harry Pfarrer unexpectedly arrives. After showering, Pfarrer discovers him and kills him on sight
While at the premiere of a movie about a heroic German Soldier, fires start inside the theater.As he gets up to leave, he and his cohort are gunned down by two of the Basterds.
After being killed in an explosion in the past, it was revealed that he was 'living' in the Nexus. In the final battle, he is killed for good when the bridge he is on collapses.
He is killed boxing during an exhibition bout against Ivan Drago
After being tried and convicted for treason, he is tortured and sent to be beheaded. Upon being asked for his last words, he shouts 'Freedom!'
Challenged to a 'battle of wits', he is given a choice between two goblets, one containing a powder that will kill the drinker. Unfortunately for him, both had the powder.
Engaged in battle, he is forced into stabbing a clock tower in the shape of a crocodile. After the clock falls out, the crocodile falls on top of him.
Death DescriptionActor/CharacterMovie
At the airport, he realizes that a scientist is carrying a doomsday virus that will wipe out most of humanity. While running through security to catch him, security guards kill him
Leaving a hotel where he killed a former colleague, he is spotted and chased to Los Angeles International Airport. He is killed after a tense standoff in a field near a runway.
Being chased to a construction site, he fires at a police officer pursuing him. While aiming, he is fatally shot. He then tells the officer to call off the ambulance he sent for.
In the act of playing a prank, he is mistaken for a real zombie as opposed to a man in makeup and is shot in the stomach. When asked if he had any regrets, he simply says 'Garfield
After making an impassioned speech on how aliens and humans should 'just get along', he is stabbed through the heart by a detachable arm while trying to make peace with the aliens.
After winning their latest match and contemplating their chances for the championship, a sign falls on him and crushes him and his wheelchair.
As an Elm Street teen, he was sucked into his bed and turned into a giant plasma fountain.
While fighting his boss he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest, which slowly weakened him until he collapsed, unable to follow his cohorts to the rescue plane awaiting them.
After falling over a railing, he is run over by a bus, a steamroller, and the USC Marching Band, in that order.
Boarding an enemy controlled plane,the squad's stealth plane loses its attachment due to turbulence. To save the mission, he seals the hatch from the outside,falling to his death.

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