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QUIZ: Its just a grab bag...what did you expect when you read the title?

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The boss guarding King Dedede's fortress in Revenge of the King 
The final world in Kirby: Nightmare in Dreamland 
The boss of Aqua Star in Kirby 64 
The home of the Mega Titan from Kirby: The Amazing Mirror 
A common enemy that grants the fighter ability 
Monkey like enemies from Kirby's Epic Yarn that throw beads at you. 
Count Bleck's assistant 
The partner you get directly before Chapter 5 in Paper Mario II 
The main antagonist from most Mario games. 
Their king is the first boss in Mario 64. 
The power up that grants the ice ability. 
The female counterpart to toad.  
The Realm in Spyro 2 that grants you the Jade Idol. 
The final Homeworld in the original Spyro the Dragon 
Rhynocs that appear at the fireworks factory in Spyro 3 
The first boss in Spyro: A New Beginning 
The first boss to debut in any Spyro gameDa 
A Towering level at the Middway Gardens homeworld in Spyro 3 
The boss of the Glutten's Kitchen in Pikmin 2 
A paranoid species of Bulborb that sleep with their eyes slightly open. 
A ship part that comes from defeating the puffstool. It takes 30 pikmin to carry. 
This ship part shares a name with a ship from a pokemon game. 
A chocolate cookie found within the Cavern of Chaos. It takes eight pikmin to carry. 
A series of treasures that include various plants.  
Legend of Zelda
The land Link primarily lives in 
The Lorule counterpart of Ganondorf 
The item found within the infamous Water Temple. 
A magical item used to defeat Trinexx's fire head. 
The item in Wind Waker used to get the fish to upgrade your map. 
Goddess of Wisdom 
Fearsome Rock/Dark type Pokemon in Generation II 
'The Psi Pokemon' 
Latin for Bear 
The evolution of the Fossil Pokemon in Generation IV 
Remoraid evolves into this Pokemon 
Final evolution of the grass starter in Generation III 
Final Answer
Final Answer - Kirby 
Final Answer - Mario 
Final Answer - Spyro 
Final Answer - Pikmin 
Final Answer - Zelda 
Final Answer - Pokemon 
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