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Link to the Past
How many MASTER Swords are found in the Lost Woods? 
Where can Link obtain an empty bottle near lake Hylia? (Place) 
What is Ganon's Weapon of choice during the final battle? 
The seven maidens are imprisoned in magical ________(Starts with C) 
Last boss of the Light world and the 4th boss of the game.  
What was the Dark World called before Ganon corrupted it? 
The Boss of Turtle Rock 
2nd Dungeon in the Dark World 
Ocarina of Time
The Temple of ______(Location of the Master Sword) 
The Most Infamous Temple in Ocarina of Time and the 6th Dungeon of the Game. 
Frozen Projectiles flung by the Bow. 
The Ocarina song for the Shadow Temple 
The song taught to you at the Desert Colossus 
The Main Item that the main character owns. 
Dragon that terrorized the Goron Tribe 
After Link wakes up after pulling the Master Sword, he is not a child, but an 
Majora's Mask
The name of the fallen kingdom in the Canyon 
The Song Aquired by Saving all of the Zora Eggs 
First Mask Aquired in the Game 
King of the Ikana Kingdom  
The 3rd Temple in the Game 
Boss of The Woodfall Temple 
Boss of Snow Head 
The Song that calls together the Giants 
Wind Waker
Mini Boss of the Wind Temple 
This Temple's Item is the Mirror Shield 
The Object obtained from Prince Komali after defeating Gohma needed to access the 3rd Dungeon 
Zora Sage of the Earth Temple 
The Leader of the Killer Bees 
Home of the Main Character 
One of Tetra's Pirates that gives you items 
The Area Located Under the Headstone on Outset Island 
Twilight Princess
Second boss of the game. 
Father of Colin, a member of Telma's Gang that lives in Ordon. 
What is the Province where the Goron's Dwell? 
The generic name for your horse that is in mosr other Zelda Games 
Corrupt King of the Twili 
Location of the Mirror of Twlight 
Recently Deceased Queen of the Zora, Mother of Rails.(First name only) 
Mini Boss of the Snowpeak Ruins 
Phantom Hourglass
This Item allows like to stop the hurricane around the Isle of Ruins.  
Boss of Mutoh's Temple 
Race of People Living on the Isle of Frost 
The Only Blade that can Pierce Bellum 
The fairy spirit of Power who you meet after defeating Blaaz. 
The LOCATION of the first dungeon 
The fairy spirit of Wisdom who you meet after defeating Cyclok 
Temple of Ice's Main Item 
Spirit Tracks
Lokomo Sage of the Fire Sancuary 
Serves as the Map in the game, parts of it are found in the Tower of Spirits. 
Lokomo Sage of the Forest Sancuary 
Found in the Tower of Spirits, they allow Link to stun phantoms 
Phytops is fought here 
Lokomo Sage of the Sand Sancuary 
Link has to go to where to get to the Ocean Temple 
Beings that guard the Boss key  
Skyward Sword
Item obtained after completing the Lanayru Desert Silent Realm 
By Day he is the Smiley Shop Keeper of the Gear Shop in Skyloft, 
2nd Temple of the Game 
Dungeon of Koloktos 
Boss of the Sandship 
Zelda's Protector 
Who is the Knight Academy Instructor that tells Link about Levias and teaches him the Spiral Charge Attack?  
Golden Goddess of Wisdom 
Hidden Answer
Hidden in Ocarina of Time 
Hidden in Wind Waker 
Hidden in Majora's Mask  
Hidden in Twilight Princess 
Hidden in Link to the Past 
Hidden in Phantom Hourglass 
Hidden in Skyward Sword 
Hidden in Spirit Tracks 
Omni Answer
Hidden in Hidden Answers 

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