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Goose's sweater is a...
The infamous Iowa State Speedrunning champion. Held over 7,000 WRs.
One of Goose's dogs, also a sub emote.
Goose has multiple speed records in what sports game?
What Mario Party minigame does Goose have WR in?
Goose's #1 Mod is... (as said by goose)
That one GoldenEye guard who pops up randomly.
3 Games in the triathlon: 1
3 Games in the triathlon: 2
3 Games in the triathlon: 3
Super troll, loves to clear chat and play F-Zero
Runner who did the co-op run with Goose at AGDQ
Goose recently joined this legendary runner as WR holder on Streets. He's never seen a 1:13
Goose catch phrase, 2 words.
Why does Goose look at the ground? (really)
:54 was the record Goose recently spent 40 hours getting on what level?
Goose's donations go toward what?
Goose's choice beverage.
The elusive Dr. of facility.
For a good time on the Statue level, you have to _______ ___ __ by slapping the air.
What celebrity does Goose look like?
Goose plays/ coaches....
His favorite team is...
Goose always has what behind him when he streams?
Shoutouts to _______ for playing the piano during these sections.
What level has Goose been attempting to WR in for over 150 hours?
A GoldenEye run where you have to beat all levels on all difficulties is called...
What is the name of the GE rankings site?
What place is Goose ranked worldwide in GE?
Bismuth9 got a WR in what game while Goose was next to him at AGDQ?
His other dog's name is...
What is a main reason Jap cart is good for GE?
Give or take, how much time does a boost save?
Goose's favorite tennis player.
Along with Goose, the other member of Team Canada.
4 Sub emotes:1
4 Sub emotes: 2
4 Sub emotes: 3
4 Sub emotes: 4
The name of Goose's parody tumblr.
What GE speedrun category beats Cradle with only unlocking the magnum cheat?
#1 GE and PD runner, so many records.
______ ____ ______, because somebody loves ya.
If you are going fast, you have to 'look at this **** ______!'
Goose made it a donation incentive to play what noise in the background during a 100% run?
What does the gate say?
What does Goose say after strafe dancing with Valentin?
If Goose ever sells out and does mainstream lets plays, what game will he play?
Why did Goose switch controllers with his partner during his co-op AGDQ run?
IMPOSSIBLE BONUS QUESTION: One of Goose's first VoDs is him doing what while waiting to race Marc Rutzou?

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