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Can you name the Greek and Roman Mythology A-Z?

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A. The capital City-State of Greece
B. The Roman name for the god of Wine
C. The name for the staff of Hermes/Mercury
D. The name of the creator of the Labyrinth
E. The Greek name for Bellona
F. The Roman Goddess of Luck
G. Is Kronos Greek or Roman
H. The name that means 'the glory of hera' and his roman name is Hercules
I. The name of the Titan of craftsmanship and mortalitly
J. The two faced god of begginings, ending, choices, and doorways
K. An unknown daughter of Poseidon, goddess of violent sea storms
L. The second river of the Underworld, the river of forgetfulness
M. King of Crete, husband of Pasiphae
N. The name Odysseus use to get away from the cyclops island
O. The island home of the nymph goddess Calypso, daughter of Atlas
P. The name of the hero who killed Medusa
Q. The name of one of the hills Rome was built on
R. The name of the man who Rome was named after
S. Greek name for a faun, half man and half goat
T. the father of the Giants and more
U. The Muse of Astronomy
V. We get this word from the Roman name of the goddess Nike
W. Where Lupa took in Romulus and Remus and taught them to fight and live
X. If you believe the internet, it say the Greek god of ice cream is this god
Y. Also know as a centicore, and has flexible horns
Z. The Greek god of the west wind

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