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small orange-yellow monkeys
medium in size and they are the fastest of all mammals that live in trees.
They are aptly named for their cacophonous cries.
pale eyes, grey coat, longer tails and bright legs. Also close relatives of the proboscis monkey
The face, ears, hands, feet and tip of the tail are black, but a conspicuous white band on the forehead blends in with the short whiskers.
employ a variety of gestures to communicate with each other
Native to Britain and only currently 4 members of them in the world
They live in Central Africa and like to sleep in trees
Displays gum when lip flips back.
Has long nose
yellowish-orange cheek tufts and the bare, dark blue skin of the face, gives this species a truly striking appearance.
can yHintName
Has long arms and likes to swing long distances
Specialized lower incisors. These teeth are enlarged and chiseled to enhance the ability to gnaw holes in trees.
Often features in movies
Shares 91% DNA similarities with humans and features bright red buttocks that contain no nerves or hair.
This South American fellow has a characteristic red face
live in dense tropical rainforests, wetlands, marshes and mangrove forests. Habitat loss is the main threat to their survival
Males are more colorful than females, and about twice as big.
Mainly the Asian descendants of great apes.
smaller and cat like monkey
These are very aggressive monkeys and feature a smaller size with bigger eyes.
The face is somewhat of a blue shade

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