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Can you name the Most No-Hitters in MLB Since 1900 (Teams)?

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RankTeamFirst To Do It
1 (19 No-Hitters)7/20/1906 Mal Eason
2 (18 No-Hitters)5/5/1904 Cy Young
3 (17 No-Hitters)9/20/1902 Nixey Callahan
4 (14 No-Hitters)9/18/1908 Bob Rhodes
T-5 (12 No-Hitters)7/12/1900 Noodles Hahn
T-5 (12 No-Hitters)5/8/1907 Big Jeff Pfeffer
T-7 (11 No-Hitters)7/15/1901 Christy Mathewson
T-7 (11 No-Hitters)7/22/1905 Weldon Henley
T-7 (11 No-Hitters)4/24/1917 George Mogridge
T-10 (9 No-Hitters)9/18/1903 Chick Fraser
T-10 (9 No-Hitters)7/17/1924 Jesse Haines
T-10 (9 No-Hitters)4/23/1964 Ken Johnson
T-13 (8 No-Hitters)8/30/1912 Earl Hamilton
T-13 (8 No-Hitters)8/31/1915 Jimmy Lavender
T-13 (8 No-Hitters)5/5/1962 Bo Belinsky
T-16 (7-No-Hitters)7/4/1912 George Mullin
T-16 (7 No-Hitters)7/1/1920 Walter Johnson
RankTeamFirst To Do It
18 (6 No-Hitters)9/20/1907 Nick Maddox
19 (5 No-Hitters)7/30/1973 Jim Bibby
T-20 (4 No-Hitters)4/17/1969 Bill Stoneman
T-20 (4 No-Hitters)4/27/1973 Steve Busby
T-20 (4 No-Hitters)5/11/1996 Al Leiter
T-23 (2 No-Hitters)6/2/1990 Randy Johnson
T-23 (2 No-Hitters)5/18/2004 Randy Johnson
T-25 (1 No Hitter)9/19/1914 Ed Lafitte
T-25 (1 No Hitter)4/24/1915 Frank Allen
T-25 (1 No Hitter)5/5/1915 Claude Hendrix
T-25 (1 No Hitter)8/16/1915 Alex Main
T-25 (1 No Hitter)9/17/1915 Dave Davenport
T-25 (1 No Hitter)4/15/1987 Juan Nieves
T-25 (1 No Hitter)9/2/1990 Dave Stieb
T-25 (1 No Hitter)4/17/2010 Ubaldo Jimenez
T-25 (1 No Hitter)7/26/2010 Matt Garza

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