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lampreys: ell like body shape, sucker-disc mouth structure, long dorsal fin that is continuous with caudal fin, freshwater species are pale brown or fawn color
sturgeons: heterocercal caudal fin, long snout with protrusible inferior mouth with 4 barbels on lower side, no typical scales, 5 row of bony plates, cartilaginous skeleton
paddlefish: long flat snout, smooth skin, patch of ganoid scales in the caudal region, long pointed opercles
gars: ganoid scales, head covered with bony plates, long jaws and sharp teeth
goldeyes/mooneyes: body compressed laterally, smooth belly, well developed lateral line, large eye, one pyloric caeca
herrings: body compressed laterally, saw toothed belly, last ray of dorsal fin elongated, large silvery scales, gill rakers long and slender, lateral line not evident externally
minnows/shiners/chubs/dace: cycloid scales, jaws are toothless, 2-3 rows of pharyngeal teeth, pyloric caeca absent, dorsal fin has 8-9 rays (exception: carp, goldfish), may contain
suckers/redhorses: mouth usually inferior with large fleshy lips, cycloid scales, body rounded and elongated, jaws are toothless, well developed pharyngeal teeth, lack barbels, sex
North American catfishes: 2-4 pairs of barbels, usually a spine in dorsal and pectoral fins, adipose fin present, lack normal scales, teeth in mouth
pikes: duck-bill shaped mouth, prominent teeth, body cylindrical, cycloid scales, dorsal fin posteriorly located
trout/salmon/grayling/whitefish/cisco: adipose fin present, soft-rayed, cycloid scales, pelvic fins abdominal with axillary process, large terminal mouth, numerous pyloric caeca
burbot: median barbel under chin, elongated dorsal and anal fin, pelvic fins in front of pectorals, microscopic scales, elongated body
topminnows/killifishes: superior mouth, dorsal fin posterior, rounded caudal fin, dorsal fin rays >9, lateral line incomplete or absent, teeth in the jaws
live-bearers/guppies: superior mouth, lateral line absent, caudal fin rounded, males anal fin modified as an intermittent organ, dorsal rays
sculpins: enlarged pectoral fins, rounded caudal fin, spiny rays, head dorso-ventrally flattened, slender/tapered body, scales absent or reduced, swimbladder absent or reduced
sunfishes: single dorsal fin-spines and soft rays present in separate lobes, 3+ spines in anal fin, ctenoid scales, pelvic fins anterior
perches/darters: two separate dorsal fins, anal fin with one or more spines, ctenoid scales
freshwater drums: lateral line extends into caudal fin, deep body, high back, long dorsal fin, inferior mouth, flattened pharyngeal teeth
sticklebacks: free spines in front of true dorsal fin, slender body, slender caudal peduncle, scales absent, nest builders

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