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What was Daryl before the Apocalypse?
Who does Daryl save at the Farm when the zombies came?
Who are the two people Daryl is close too?
What did Daryl name Judith?
Who is the last PERSON so far that Daryl has killed?
What type of flower does Daryl give Carol?
What did Daryl shoot in the beginning of the series?
What is Daryl's Vehicle of Choice?
Who shot Daryl?
Who tell Daryl he is their brother?
What did Daryl give Beth as her first drink?
Who his Daryl's Brother?
How does Daryl put Merle Down? Knife to head, Bullet to head, or Arrow to head
Who's group does Daryl join?
What is on the back of Daryl's vest?
What color are Daryl's eyes?
What of Sophia's did Daryl find?
How many walker ears were there around Daryl's neck?
What was the name of the horse that throw Daryl off?
What is Daryl's weapon of choice?

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