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He plays Davey Stone A drunk who hates the holidays
He plays a man who is a complete moron who changes his life to get his father's company and his love
His Sister is actually himm
A mentally hadicaped man thanks to his mother saying everything is the devil
A hockey player who is amazing at golf
Five friends reunite they are Adam Sandler Kevin James Chris Rock David Spade and Rob Schneider
Friends reunite 2
His Great uncle Dies He gets a Fortune
His girl has short term memory loss
Raises a child that isn't his
Blind date makes them come together
His heart recently broken, plastic surgeon Danny Maccabee pretends to be married so he can enjoy future dates with no strings attached
His Girl Left at there wedding and he sings at them
Proud of his son
a man who can not die
A remote that controls the universe
plays Dracula Blah BLah Blah
Marrys a guy
Football and Prison
Recently learning that he has a fatal disease, comic George Simmons spots a struggling performer named Ira and decides to become his mentor
Although susceptible to violent outbursts, bathroom supply business owner Barry Egan is a timid and shy man by disposition, leading a lonely, uneventful life
A none-too-bright criminal, Archie Moses works for drug kingpin Frank Colton and remains oblivious to the fact that one of his closest buddies is an undercover cop
Kids stories become true
Anger Problems Become to ruin his life
The Devil's Son
Mexican immigrant and single mother Flor Moren finds housekeeping work with Deborah and John Clasky
He plays a monkey with Kevin James is his Caretaker
plays in a band with Brendan Fraser, and Steve Buscemi
Cone-headed extraterrestrials Beldar and Prymaat find themselves in New Jersey after a recon mission for their home planet of Remulak goes awry

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