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Can you name the Final Fantasy Party Members (main series)?

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Final Fantasy I
Upgrades to Knight 
Upgrades to Master 
Upgrades to Ninja 
Upgrades to Black Wizard 
Upgrades to White Wizard 
Upgrades to Red Wizard 
Final Fantasy II
Main protagonist 
Never leaves the party 
Never leaves the party, can talk to beavers 
Disappears after first battle 
Advisor to Princess Hilda 
Owns a snowmobile 
Prince of Kashuan 
Pirate captain 
Last of the dragoons 
Prince of Kashuan, only playable in Soul of Rebirth (GBA version) 
Final Fantasy III
Main protagonist 
Main protagonist's best friend 
Only female party member 
Knight of Sasune 
Final Fantasy IV
Main protagonist 
White mage 
Summoner and black mage 
Elderly sage 
'Spoony Bard', prince of Damcyan 
Monk, hails from Fabul 
Mysidian black mage, one of a pair of twins 
Mysidian white mage, one of a pair of twins 
Airship engineer 
Ninja prince, heir to Eblan 
Lunarian mage 
Final Fantasy IV: The After Years
Member of the Red Wings 
Member of the Red Wings 
Mysidian mage, no name given 
Mysidian mage, no name given 
Leader of the Eblan Four 
Female ninja, member of the Eblan Four 
Young ninja, member of the Eblan Four 
Elderly ninja, member of the Eblan Four 
Half-lunarian, KluYa's son 
Secretary to the King of Damcyan 
Prince of Baron, grandson of KluYa 
Dragoon, the dark side of one of the other protagonists 
In training to become an Epopt of Troia 
Dwarven princess, daughter of Giott 
Princess of Fabul 
Final Fantasy V
Wandering adventurer 
Princess of Tycoon 
Found next to a recently-crashed meteorite 
Pirate captain 
Friend to animals 
Final Fantasy VI
Main protagonist, arguably 
Treasure hunter (NOT a thief) 
King of Figaro 
Prince of Figaro, ran away to become a monk 
Leader of the Returners 
Ex-general of the Empire's army 
Hired assassin 
Retainer to the king of Doma 
Feral youth, lives on the Veldt 
Airship owner and gambler, also appears in Kingdom Hearts 2 
Blue mage from Thamasa 
Girl from Thamasa, likes to paint 
Only playable in one battle 
Final Fantasy VII
Main protagonist, ex-SOLDIER 
Leader of AVALANCHE 
Owner of 7th Heaven 
Flower seller 
One of Hojo's test subjects 
Fortune teller at the Golden Saucer 
Ninja and materia thief, optional party member 
Ex-Turk, optional party member 
Foul-mouthed pilot 
SOLDIER First Class, not controllable 
Final Fantasy VIII
Main character, gunblade specialist 
Instructor at Balamb Garden 
Part of Squad B on the Dollet mission 
Gunblade specialist, leader of Squad B 
Messenger from Squad A 
Leader of the Forest Owls 
Sniper from Galbadia Garden 
Wife of Balamb Garden's headmaster 
Leader of a trio of Galbadian soldiers 
Galbadian soldier, wields a pair of hand blades 
Galbadian soldier, wields a giant anchor 
Final Fantasy IX
Main protagonist, member of Tantalus 
Black mage 
Captain of the Pluto Knights 
Princess of Alexandria 
Member of Tantalus 
Member of Tantalus 
Member of Tantalus 
Burmecian dragon knight 
Member of the Qu species, likes frogs 
Summoner, lives with moogles 
Bounty hunter 
Alexandrian general 
Final Fantasy X
Main protagonist, blitzball player 
Former guardian of High Summoner Braska 
Coach and captain of the Besaid Aurochs, ya? 
Black mage, experienced guardian 
Member of the Ronso tribe 
Summoner and white mage, also playable in Final Fantasy X-2 
Al Bhed machinist, also playable in Final Fantasy X-2 
Maester of Yevon 
Final Fantasy X-2
Member of the Gullwings 
Final Fantasy XII
Point-of-view character, street urchin 
Street urchin, works for Migelo 
Sky pirate, 'leading man' 
Viera outcast 
Disgraced knight of Dalmasca 
Princess of Dalmasca 
Son of the Archadian emperor 
Captain of the Knights of Dalmasca 
Sky pirate, leader of Balfonheim 
Knight of Dalmasca 
Final Fantasy XIII
Main protagonist, ex-Guardian Corps soldier 
Leader of NORA 
Ex-pilot, has a chocobo living in his hair 
Teenage refugee 
Bubbly teenage girl 
L'Cie employed by Cid Raines 

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