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How many steps lead up to Holmes' Baker Street rooms?
What was Watson supposed to whisper in Holmes' ear in the event Holmes lost sight of a case?
What did Holmes describe as 'the strangest case I've ever handled'?
Watson was disappointed that Holmes did not develop feelings for which client?
Watson was astounded to learn that Holmes did not know what piece of astronomical information?
In 'The Three Garridebs', Watson writes that glimpsing the depth of love and loyalty Holmes felt for him was worth what?
With his goattee, whom was Holmes said to resemble in 'His Last Bow'?
In 'The Illustrious Client', Watson has 24 hours to become an expert in what subject?
After faking his own death, Holmes traveled the world posing as a man of what nationality?
During which case did Holmes become engaged to be married?

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