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QUIZ: Can you name the words containing each pair of letters in the order given, but not necessarily consecutively?

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Segment between duodenum and ileumJJ
Flower of the narcissus familyJQ
Place side by sideJX
Wife of Ahab and great-aunt of DidoJZ
Cervantes hero (Spanish spelling)QJ
Occuring every five yearsQQ
Semiannual astronomical eventQX
Amethyst or citrine, geologicallyQZ
Outside the court systemXJ
Treasury or revenue-managing agencyXQ
Woman who carries out terms of a willXX
Elaborate display or eventXZ
Country on the Caspian SeaZJ
Lusophone country in AfricaZQ
Animal-derived poison, as cobra venomZX
Popular type of restaurantZZ

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