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Can you name the YouTubers based on the following descriptions?

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This YouTuber makes Vlogs, Game Videos, and his series Cute, Win, Fail. He is mostly know for his all-around craziness
This Swedish YouTuber lays horror games like Amnesia, Penumbra Overture, Ib, To the Moon and Happy Wheels
These two YouTubers make videos about whatever comes to their head. They have another series called Lunctime with %&?@$
These two YouTubers ar brothers and make videos where they spoil about anything in under a period of time in 1 take, they are know for their video series called Kids React and Teen
This Youtuber is know for his crazy warfare videos weird action concepts
This YouTuber is affiliated with Epic Rap Battles of History, and is known for his Monday Show
This Youtuber is affiliated with Epic Rap Battles of History, he is known for his Dis Rpas for Hire
This pair of Youtubers makes music videos. They usualy are known for being on SNL
These British YouTubers do videos of themselves playing video games like Minecraft
This YouTuber will ake you drop your jaw and say I would never try to pull a prank like that
This YiuTuber makes weird videos and is in the Sideburns crew with JacksFilms and Tobuscus
This YouTuber makes parodies of music and general concepts in life, he is known for his series Your Grammar Sucks
This YouTuber gives his raw opinion on nostalgic movies that take us back to the day where bad movies weren't bashed so hard, litrally
This YouTuber makes Dub's of music like 'Friday', 'My Jeans' and the movie 'Star Wars'
This YouTuber plays Happ Wheels and is well known for his series The Annoying Orange
This YouTuber makes videos on how to be things like Ninjas and Emos, he also has been in a movie called 'Agents of Secret Stuff'
This British YouTuber makes crazy vieos and is known for his animated series ASDF movie
This middle-aged YouTuber makes parodies of music videos lik 'Baby' and 'Call Me Maybe'
This YouTuber is a Russian man that makes videos of himself blowing things up with huge guns
This YouTuber makes videos about the news in the world and refers to his viewers as 'nation'
This YouTuber tries to tell the world her perpective about things that girls do, she also has two dogs that appear in her videos
They make epic meals and they like bacon... a lot

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