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QUIZ: Can you name the episodes from the Amazing World of Gumball?

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Forced Order
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Gumball and Darwin try to take care of Aniese
When Mr. Robinson saves Gumball's life, he tries to repay him
Gumball and Darwin help Aniese find her Daisy the Donkey doll
Gumball and Darwin go to Mr. Small for honesty lessons
Gumball and Darwin try to outsmart a robber with a spoon
Gumball and Darwin a re sent to Mr. Small when Principal Brown discovers Anieses painting
Gumball goes to Penny's house for a funeral which he thinks is a date
Gumball and Darwin go through the Forest of Doom to get to the Picnic Area
Bobert tries to copy Gumball so he can be a real boy
Darwin is taken away from the Waterson's because he scores a 100% on his Aptatude Test

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