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Can you fill in the correct fruit for each interesting fact?

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A ______ is declared as the National fruit of China
______s are not a single fruit, but a cluster of up to 200 fruitlets
______s are technically a hisperidium, a kind of berry
______ plants are not trees, they are giant herbs
______s have as much Vitamin C as oranges
There are over 400 varieties of ______ in China
Add half a cup of ______ juice to your laundry to brighten whites
The Romans used ______s for a long list of medical remedies
Unripe ______s are toxic
Eating ______s help increase the absorption of iron into the body
______s were fed to sailors to prevent scurvy
______ is also known as the Chinese gooseberry
______s are the only fruit with their seeds on the outside of the fruit
The ______ is a member of the rose family
Because of all of the _____ juice they drank, British seamen were called ______eys'
The ______ is cousins with cucumbesr, pumpkins and squash

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