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Forced Order
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'We toys can see everything... so play nice!'
'I killed a man, with this thumb!'
'I can't do squat... piddly squat!'
'I'm not a girls toy! Why do you guy's keep saying that?
'Hey, some grumpy old race car once told me, it's just an empty cup.'
'If I don't see another door in this station in 5 seconds I will personally put you through the shreader!'
'Come on, we're super heroes what could happen?'
'You saved our lives, we are eternally greatful.'
'Undercover *gasp*, you think i'm a secret agent!'
'I followed the Snipe under your house, but this Snipe had a large tail, and looked more like a large mouse.'
'La-la-la-la-la spring is in the air, and I am a flower, there is nothing interesting to say...'

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