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Can you name the episodes from Adventure Time??

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Forced Order
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Marceline the Vampire Queen kicks Finn and Jake out of their house
Finn and Jake take a test of righteousness to get a book
When Finn and Princess Bubblegum raise candy people from the dead, they make a royal promise to keep it a secret
When Lumpy Space Princess bites Jake, Finn has to take him to Lumpy Space to get an antidote
Finn and Jake try to rescue Princesses from the Ice King, which he decides to marry one
Tree Trunks joins Finn and Jake to get a bite of the Crystal Apple
Finn and Jake decide to keep a dancing creature to party with
Finn tries to prove that Ricardio, The Ice King's heart, is evil
Finn and Jake hire 4 creatures, thawed from and iceburg, to do their work for them
Jake decides to hang out with his girlfriend, Lady Rainicorn, and Finn so he can spend more time with both

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