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Can you name the Characters from Adventure Time?

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Forced Order
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A heroic 14-year old boy. Wears Blue Shirt and a Bunny-like hat
A yellow dog and is Finn's loyal companion
A computer used to play video games
The Princess of the Candy Kingdom
A lumpy Princess who acts like a snobby tennager
The King of Ice and has thousands of penguin servants
The Ice King's Penguin servant
A spunky rock girl, who is a Vampire Queen
The Candy Butler of Princess Bubblegum
A citizen of the Candy Kingdom, he is and absent-minded Bun with sweet icing
A citizen o the Candy Kingdom, he is a cowardly Bon-bon
The goofy little donut who always gets eaten or killed. A citizen of the Candy Kingdom
The green elephant that has some liking to finn. She also bakes the best apple pies
A colorful being with the power to change things color. She is Jake's girlfriend
Used to be the Royal Tart Toter
A fancy Bug that appears in Finn's imagination
Ruler of the land of the Dead
A ghost who likes Ghost Princess, but turned out to be her murderer
The Princess who looks like a green slug
The Princess who haunts the woods and the Graveyard where she is buried
The dead Princess, but was claimed to be beautiful
The Princess who answers her door by ripping it off its hinges
The Princess that has dumb servants, but would go good with a bun and mustard
The Princess who is a doctor, but is not really a princess
The evil princess made of fire, but Finn likes her for some reason
Finn's never ending pie throwing robot
A citizen of the Fire Kingdom, and Finn and Jakes 'Sidekick'
A Jerky grass troll that protects the little houses from the Whywolves
A citizen of the candy kingdom. An old piece of Candy Corn
A citizen of the Candy Kingdom. A lady who is a lollipop
A strong Choclate Bar. A citizen of the Candy Kingdom
A little jiggling creature that was found abandoned
A duke who has a rare pudding condition
An assassin who is a cat. Tried to kill Wildberry Princess

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