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Releasing fixed nitrogen back to molecular nitrogen
A species that has a large effect on a community or ecosystem
Type of relationship where one species kills another for food
Only 10% transfers to each successive trophic level
Type of relationship where both species benefit
The total amount of living matter in an ecosystem
Process of converting molecular nitrogen into ammonia or nitrate
A treeless biome characterized by permanently frozen soil
The set of interacting specise that makes up the living part of an ecosystem
Biomass generated by primary producers
An introduced species that harms the existing ecosystem
Elements required in small and moderate amounts by all life
Type of relationship where one benefits and the other has no effect
Hint Hint Term
Something that prevents the growth of an individual population or species
Organisms living in separate areas that develop the same characteristics
Elements required in large amounts by all life
Role of an organism in an ecosystem
Changes in one species that indirectly affect other species
Evolution where two species result from a common ancestor because of different conditions
An organism that creates its own food
The location of an animal in a food chain
Permanently frozen soil
An introduced species
An organism that obtains food and energy by consuming other organisms
An organism that consume remains of other organisms

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