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A boy finds out that he's a demigod and goes on a quest across the USRick Riordan
A boy finds out that he's a wizard and goes to a special school for witches and wizardsJK Rowling
A girl volunteers to go play a dangerous game in the place of her younger sisterSuzanne Collins
A girl is living in a society divided into five factions based on a person's virtuesVeronica Roth
A girl goes and lives with foster parents in Germany during World War IIMarkus Zusak
Two young people with cancer fall in love after meeting at a support groupJohn Green
A boy is recruited by the military to fight in a war against an alien race known as burgers (or formics)Orson Scott Card
A girl and her family survive their lives being changed forever after a natural disaster, and ride out the fallout in their sunroomSusan Beth Pfeffer
A girl is living in a world where love has been declared a dangerous disease and people are cured of it at age 18Lauren Oliver
A girl relives the day she dies seven timesLauren Oliver
A girl has an out-of-body experience after getting in a car accident and falling into a comaGayle Forman
Four kids become spies for a man named Mr. Benedict after completing a series of tests Trenton Lee Stewart
All the adults disappear, leaving only the children in a sphere that no one can get in or out ofMichael Grant
A girl is bored at her mother's workplace after getting into a terrible accident, so her mother lets her use a computer program to virtually design the perfect boyMichael Grant and Katherine Applegate
A girl gets put through a testing program devised by the government in order to determine the next leaders of the worldJoelle Charbonneau
A girl and her best friend get taken back to the school they tried to escape from by the school's guardians because one of the girls is vampiric royaltyRichelle Mead
A half-human, half-extra-terrestrial girl and a boy play a prank on a mean girl that involves them 'falling in love' and accidentally fall in love for realStacey Kade
14 kids get locked in a superstore while the world as they know it breaks down outsideEmmy Laybourne
A race of aliens has invaded earth and takes over the bodies of humansStephanie Meyer
A girl gets revived after having been cryogenically frozen 100 years ago Karen Healy

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