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1705F C Feustking, after Giulio Pancieri
1705F C Feustking
1708Hinrich Hinsch
1708Hinrich Hinsch
1707After Francesco Silvani
1709/1710Vincenzo Grimani
1711Giacomo Rossi/Aaron Hill, after Tasso
1712Giacomo Rossi, after Giovanni Battista Guarini
1713Nicola Francesco Haym
1713Giacomo Rossi, after Plutarch
1715Rossi or Haym (?), after Antoine Houdar de la Motte
1718John Gay
1720Haym (?), after Domenico Lalli
1721Paolo Antonio Rolli, after a reworking of a Nicolò Minato libretto by Silvio Stampiglia
1721Rolli, after Francesco Silvani
1723Haym, after Stefano Benedetto Pallavicino
1723Haym, after M Noris
1724Haym, after Agostin Piovene and Nicholas Pradon
1725Haym, after Antonio Salvi, after Pierre Corneille
1726O Mauro
1727Rolli, after Francesco Briani
1728Haym, after Metastasio
1728Haym, adapted from Carlo Sigismondo Capece
1729After Antonio Salvi
1730After Silvio Stampiglia
1731After Metastasio
1732After Salvi
1733After Capece, after Ludovico Ariosto
1734After Pietro Pariati
1734After Giangualberto Barlocci
1735After Salvi, after Ariosto
1735After Ariosto
1736After Belisario Valeriani
1737After Salvi
1737Adapted from Pariati, after Nicolo Beregan
1737After Salvi
1738After Apostolo Zeno
1738Adapted from Apostolo Zeno
1738After Stampiglia
1739Antonio Maria Lucchini
1740After Stampiglia
1744Alexander Pope after William Congreve
1750Tobias Smollett

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