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5-8 Letters
Distinctive smell, usually pleasant (5) 
A gradient or rise (6) 
Background of a person in terms of ancestry (7) 
Just coming into existence (7) 
Turning sour (8) 
The shape of a waxing or waning moon (8) 
9 Letters
Covered with soft downy hair 
Becoming active or popular again 
In a state of inactivity or dormancy 
Blushing or reddening 
Swelling, often due to sexual arousal (9/10) 
Greenish (9/11) 
10 Letters
Developing from a child to an adult 
Growing together; fusing 
Quickly fading or disappearing 
Varying colour depending on light or angle 
11 Letters
Ready to accept without protest; compliant 
Treelike in growth or appearance 
Emitting light during exposure to radiation; vividly colourful 
Emitting light not caused by heat 
Becoming outdated or out of use 
Suggestive of something by resemblance 
12 Letters
Recovering from an illness 
Melting or dissolving away 
Giving off bubbles; fizzy 
Emitting light due to heating; passionate 
Inclined to sleep; drowsy 

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