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Can you name the Roman and Greek Gods Part 1 (Owen)?

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Forced Order
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Greek godRoman godTitles
Zeus (Jove)King of the gods, god of thunder, of the sky, justice
Apollo or PhoebusGod of the sun and light, god of music and archery, Zeus's son
AphroditeGoddess of love and beauty
PoseidonGod of the sea, Zeus's brother
HephaistosBlacksmith and craftsman to the gods, god of fire and volcanic eruptions, Hera's son
HeraQueen of the gods, wife of Zeus, goddess of motherhood and marriage
AthenaGodess of wisdom, handicrafts, just war, and peaceful arts, Zeus's daughter
AresGod of war and thieves, son of Zeus
HermesMessenger of gods, god of merchants, son of Zeus
DionysosGod of drama and wine, Zeus's son

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