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Forced Order
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Part of the unconscious personality that contains needs, drives, instincts, and repressed material
Part of the mind that contains material of which we are unaware but that strongly influences conscious process and behaviors
Part of the personality that is in touch with reality and strives to meet demands of the id and the superego in socially acceptable ways
The part of the personality that is the source of conscience and counteracts the socially undesirable impulses of the id
Certain specific means by which the ego unconsciously protects itself against unpleasant impulses or criticisms
Making up acceptable excuses for behaviors that cause us to feel anxious (ex: saying questions on a test were bad, rather than admitting you failed the test because you didn't stud
Refusing to accept the reality of something that makes you anxious
Placing unacceptable impulses or feelings in yourself onto someone else
Taking the opposite belief because the true belief causes anxiety
Returning to a previous state of development or level of maturity because it eases anxiety
Taking out impulses on easy targets
Acting out unacceptable impulses in a socially acceptable way
Part of the mind that contains inherited instincts, urges, and memories common to all people
An inherited idea, based on the experiences of one's ancestors, which shapes one's perception of the world
A pattern of avoiding feelings of inadequacy rather than trying to overcome their source
Unresolved psychosexual stage conflic
Neat, organized (anal stage)

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