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Can you name the Aircraft In Use By The USAF (2011)?

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Primary FunctionAircraft
Global Airlift
Undergraduate Pilot Training
Psychological and Information Operations
High Altitude Reconnaissance
Outsize Cargo Transport
Electronic Warfare/Suppression of Enemy Air Defense and Offensive Counter Information
Armed Reconnaissance, Airborne Surveillance and Target Acquisition
Heavy Bomber
Day/Night Reconnaissance and Surveillance with Low Altitude Operation
Close Air Support/ Airborne Forward Air Control
Single Seat Air Superiority Fighter
Advanced Trainer for Airlift and Tanker Pilots
High Priority Personnel Transport
Tactical and Intraheater Airlift (Special Capability for Polar Reigons)
Long Range, Multirole Heavy Bomber
Multirole Heavy Bomber
Unmanned Hunter/Killer Weapon System
Airborne Telemetry Support
Advanced Jet Pilot Training
Situational Awareness and Force Protection
Cargo and Troop Transport
Support for Distinguished Visitors, Missile Sites, Ranges, and Search and Rescue
Airborne Battle Management
Special Air Missions
Airborne Battle Management, Surveillance, Command, Control, and Communications
Airborne Operations
Primary FunctionAircraft
Special Air Missons
Special Operations Forces Long Range Infiltration, Exfiltration, and Resupply
Weather Reconnaissance
Continental Airlift
Electronic Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Infiltration, Exfiltration, and Resupply of Special Operations Forces
Unarmed Observation to Support Open Skies Treaty
Passenger Movement
Air Refueling of Special Operations Forces Helicopters
High Priority Personnel Transport
Mulitrole Fighter
Multirole rescue Platform
Operational Support Airlift/Special Air Missions
Close Air Support/ Air Interdirection/Force Protection
Passenger and Cargo Airlift
Air Sampling and Collection Operations
Presidential Air Transport
Multirole Fighter
High Altitude, Long Endurance Unmanned Aerial Reconnaissance System
Aerial Tanker/Transport
Provides Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Support Directly to the Ground
Combat Search and Rescue
Passenger and Cargo Airlift
Day/Night Reconnaissance and Surveillance with Low Altitude Operation
Infiltration, Exfiltration, and Resupply of Special Operations Forces/ Refueling of Vertical Lift Aircraft
Aerial Refueling and Airlift

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