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Can you name the actor that played the role or starred in the movie?

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The ActorThe AnswerThe Role or Movie
Bale, Brody or BardemAnton Chigurh
Cruise, Clooney or CroweMax Skinner
DeNiro, DaFoe or DiCaprioTeddy Daniels
Hopkins, Hanks or Hoffman (Dustin)Ted Kramer
Spacey, Wahlberg or Washington (Denzel)Det. Alonzo Harris
Gosling, Norton or DamonHALF NELSON (movie)
Ben: Kingsley or AffleckMAN ABOUT TOWN (movie)
The ActorThe AnswerThe Role or Movie
Jeff: Daniels, Bridges or GoldblumRep. George Fergus
Jackie Chan or Bruce LeeFists of Fury (movie)
Kurt Russell or Kirk DouglasDr. David Grant
Colin Farrell or Colin FirthThe Accidental Husband (movie)
Colin Farrell or Will FerrellHarold Crick
Richard: Gere or DreyfussAutumn in New York (movie)
Penn, Pacino or Paul NewmanU Turn (movie)
The ActorThe AnswerThe Role or Movie
Tim: Robbins, Hutton or RothAndy Dufresne
Owen Wilson or Clive OwenKen Hutchinson
Ryan: Phillippe, or Reynolds Sebastian Valmont
William, Alec or Stephen 'Baldwin'Forgetting Sarah Marshall
Woody Harrelson or Harrison FordTranssiberian
John Travolta or Nicholas CageA Love Song for Bobby long

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