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Can you name the American television shows adopted from British shows?

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Despite a cameo from Hugh Jackman as a sleazy casino owner,the show and its ridiculous musical numbers flopped miserably with U.S. audiencesBritish show was called BLACKPOOL
Many cringed when NBC dared to adapt Ricky Gervais's stingingly funny U.K. original.Fun fact: At 138 episodes and counting, the U.S. 'version' has now lasted 10 times longer than its British inspiration
The fun, frothy British original combined the camaraderie of 'Friends' with the bawdy sex talk of 'Sex and the City.' First aired on NBC in 2003....the American version FLOPPED
This incarnation of the British singing competition debuted quietly in the summer of 2002It was Americas #1 rated show for a record 6 consecutive seasons.
This dud was born from a highly successful U.K. sitcom, featuring a pair of unreformed male chauvinists in all their boozing, belching glory.The American version lasted a mere 35 episodes before slinking back into its cave
This deceptively simple game show started in Britain, but the U.S. version became a bona fide cultural phenomenon.(ABC, 1999-2002; syndicated, 2002-present)
This game-show import found early success, thanks to severe British host Anne Robinson and her catch phrase..(NBC, 2001-02; syndicated, 2002-03)
Goofy bachelor goes to farcical lengths to avoid being discovered shacking up with two sexy female roommates.Inspired by The U.K.'s 'Man About the House'
The British sci-fi cop show, about a modern-day policeman who finds himself stuck in 1973, won multiple awards and spawned a successful spinoff.Michael Imperioli and Harvey Keitel couldn't save the US version and it was cancelled after 17 episodes
This quintessentially American sitcom was based on the long-running British series 'Till Death Do Us Part.' This 1970's sitcom boldly tackled the era's hot-button issues with truth and humor over 9 seasons.

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