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Can you name the the television shows that were cancelled after one episode/night?

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TidbitShowNetwork and Year
Comedy/reality series about Lauren Jones, a model who became a television news anchor.FOX 2007
The A&E reality series starring David Hasselhoff and his two daughters was canceled after only two episodes aired.TLC 2001
Broadcast version of the popular MySpace series that aired on NBC, with an intent to air on Sunday nights following its debut.NBC 2008
Reality talent show where celebrities competed by participating in talents that differed from their profession.CBS 2008
Sitcom that aired on CBS that attempted to imitate the then-successful National Lampoon's Animal House.CBS 1979
TidbitShowNetwork and Year
Fox action series starring former American football star Brian Bosworth as a private investigator.FOX 1997
A reality TV show on CBS in which family members and friends competed to be named the beneficiary of a will.CBS 2005
Steven Bochco-produced sitcom about a vice squad unit of the New York City Police Department that aired on CBS. CBS 1996
Game show by the British producers of The Weakest Link and Dog Eat Dog, adapted for America.FOX 2006
Private-detective show starring Glenn Frey of The Eagles Bad ratings & being pre-empted by news coverage of wildfires in Malibu on most of the West coast led to it's cancellation. CBS 1993
TidbitShowNetwork and Year
Variety show hosted and produced by Rosie O'Donnell, which had been tentatively cleared for a January 2009 time slot on NBC. NBC 2008
American series that appeared on ABC featuring humorous material from the Internet.ABC 2000
An attempt by Animal Planet to mimic Comedy Central's stand up comedy shows, but with animal-themed jokes. Comedy Central 2002
Fox variety show hosted by The Osbournes – Ozzy, Sharon, Jack and Kelly.Fox 2009
Comedy show on ABC starring Heather Graham as a single career woman, unlucky in love, who employs a list-making system to help her determine when it's time to give up and move on.ABC 2006

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