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Rank/ContinentCitySome might call this a clue.
#1 EuropeWinner of the 1999 RIBA Gold Medal award for it's architecture, the first and only time a city not an individual was the winner.
#2 South AmericaThis South American city has the highest concentration of soccer teams than any city in the world.
#3 North AmericaIn 2008 Forbes called this city the cleanest city in the USA 59% of it's residents were born OUTSIDE of the country
#4 North America5,538 High Rise buildings. 50 skyscrapers taller than 656 ft. 28k acres of parkland. 14 miles of beaches and 500+ art galleries.
#5 EuropeIt's metro system is the oldest and 2nd longest in the world.
#6 AsiaThis Asian city has the worlds 2nd largest metropolitan area with over 24.5 million people
#7 EuropeThe city's prized art museum welcomes over 8 million visitors a year making it by far the worlds most visited art museum.
#8 Oceania2nd city after Edinburgh to be named a UNESCO CITY OF LITERATURE.
#9 AsiaTemple with a famous 150-foot-long Reclining Buddha, and a massage school, where $30 buys you a 3 hour massage.
#10 North AmericaThis city is home to 17 of the 20 largest hotels in the USA
# 11 South AmericaHome to the biggest gay parade in the WORLD.
#12 EuropeSpain's 'summer capital' is known for it's mild winters and comfortably warm summers.
#13 AsiaNicknamed 'The Miami' of the Middle East
#14 EuropeSteep mountainsides inland and Caribbean-like seascapes makes it an obvious summer vacation spot for Italians.
#15 EuropeVisit Nazi-era airport Tempelhof, now closed for air traffic, and find a wide-open space for biking, rollerblading or impromptu soccer games.
Rank/ContinentCitySome might call this a clue.
#16 AfricaWith a diverse blend of French, Spanish and North African influences rapid urbanization has caused this city's population to quadruple over the last 30 years.
#17 North AmericaChop Suey, and Fortune cookies were invented in this city that claims more billionaires than all but 3 cities in the world.
#18 EuropeHome to the infamous Vesuvius volcano, the one that destroyed Pompeii.
#19 North AmericaThis Mexican city harbors a metropolitan population of almost 20 million people.
#20 South AmericaThis beach lined peninsula is known as the Beverly Hills of the south. It's 500k tourists dwarf it's population of 7,300.
#21 EuropeOnly open once a year in September, the underground Roman galleries are a popular attraction.
#22 AsiaThis cities name literally means 'Northern Capital' which is fitting.
#23 EuropeSkype and file sharing site Kazaa was developed in this city. 'Tallinn' translates to 'CASTLE TOWN'
#24 Europe/AsiaOnly city in the world to span 2 continents Europe and Asia
#25 OceaniaThe Worlds southernmost Capital city...yeah thats all you get, these aren't meant to be hints...just interesting bits of information.
#26 North America2nd largest French speaking city in the world after Paris.
#27 AsiaComprised of 7 separate islands connected by causeways which took 60 years to build.
#28 OceaniaStrolling along the Darling Harbour boardwalk or kayaking from Rose Bay out to Shark Island will convince any man that he’s in one of the world’s best-looking cities.
#29 EuropeHome to more museums per sq meter than anywhere in the world...oh yeah and lots of pot.

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