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The 'ZIP' in Zip Code stands for what?
This state was the 1st state to give women the right to vote WAYYY back in 1869?
Up until 1796...there was a state called Franklin...it is now called what?
The 1st ever TELEVISED presidential debate was between what two presidential hopefuls? Last names only*
The State capitol of Vermont is the only one in the USA without a McDonalds..what's the name of that darn city?
Pinocchio is made of what type of WOOD?
Before Seinfeld got his own show, he played the Govenor's speech writer for 3 episodes on this 80's sitcom...
While we're on Seinfeld, his apt # was 5a but in the older episodes it was...
Bank of America was originally called Bank of this european country..
Something interesting happened when my friend got his 'Green Card'...it wasn't green...it's actually...
What time did EVERY SINGLE CLOCK in Pulp Fiction read?
the very 1st Baseball All-Star game took place in 1905 in this city.
What HIGH POWERED DIRECTOR played the sales clerk at the end of Blues Brothers?
Intriguing QuestionThe ANSWER
How many verses are there in the U.S. National Anthem? (spell it out)
All rivers in Texas empty into...
Hey, you know that pound key on your computer keyboard? Bet you don't know what it's called!...
In the original Cinderella the slipper was not made of glass...it was made of...
This Oracle CEO holds the record for highest executive compensation in 2001.
An Olympic Gold Metal MUST CONTAIN 92.5% of this...
Cimarron county in this state is bordered by more states (Texas, New Mexico, Colorado and Kansas) than any other county...what state is it?
America's best selling Ice Cream flavor is...
The largest man made lake in the USA was created by HOOVER DAM...what is it?
This oil tycoon was the WORLDS first BILLIONAIRE
Samuel Clemens was born on and died on days when Hailey's Comet could be seen...sorry, perhaps you know him by his alias...
Penny Marshall was the 1st woman film director to have a film make more than $100 Million at the box office...what was the name of the film?

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